Readings September 2019



Eucharists - Sundays and Holy Days
8.00 am & 10.00 am
Evensong - 3.00pm (Nov to March) 6.00pm (Apr to Oct)

(Where there is a choice of first reading at the Parish Eucharist the asterisk denotes the favoured text.
Where two page numbers are given for the same text, the first is for the Authorised Version used at 8am and Evensong and the second for the Revised English Bible used at the Parish Eucharist).

Sunday 1st

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
Proverbs 25.6-7
Hebrews 13.1-8, 15-16*
Luke 14.1, 7-14


Sunday 8th


Evensong 6pm

The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
Deuteronomy 30.15-end
Philemon 1-21*
Luke 14.25-33

Isaiah 43.14-44.5
John 5.30-end


(p. 605)

Sunday  15th

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
Exodus 32.7-14
1 Timothy 1.12-17*
Luke 15.1-10


Sunday 22nd


Evensong 6pm

The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
Amos 8.4-7*
1 Timothy 2.1-7

Ezra ch.1
John 7.14-36


(p. 393)

Sunday  29th


Evensong 6pm

St. Michael & All Angels / Trinity 15
Genesis 28.10-17*
Hebrews 1.5-end
John 1.47-end

Nehemiah ch.2
John 8.31-38, 48-end

(p. 1206/194)
(p. 1065/79)

(p. 403)
(p. 893)


Global warming has made us ever more aware of climatic conditions and the changing of the seasons. We are constantly on the lookout for unusual weather patterns and are uncertain as to when seasons begin or end. Climate has never of course been subject to the arbitrary whim of the human calendar and different cultures all have their own ideas on this. The Celtic Calendar for example reckons August to be an Autumnal month, and the influence of this is still felt in Scotland and Scandinavia where the school year sometimes begins as early as the 6th .  The astronomical calendar on the other hand has Autumn beginning at the Equinox which this year falls on the 23rd September. That happens to be the first day of the last round of County Championship cricket matches. As it’s a Monday I hope to go, and enjoy, as I did at the same time last year, sitting in the warm sunshine. But whatever the various calendars say, September is an Autumnal month. There may be warm sunshine at the cricket but by evening it’s getting chilly. Autumn encroaches from both ends of the day gnawing away at what little remains of the Summer. Few people relish the falling temperatures and lengthening hours of darkness. Yet there are things to look forward to, not least the glow of the fire and the wonderful night sky and full moons of Autumn.  September culminates with  St. Michael and All Angels (29th ) one of the more mysterious of feasts. Angels are fleeting figures. Like shooting stars in the night sky their presence is too momentary or insubstantial to yield to certainty. The celebration of these heavenly messengers, beings of light and shade is most appropriate to the aftermath of the Equinox. Darkness is closing in but Creation is alive with the messengers of light and hope.  To those whom we meet in our journey of  life and faith, may we also be in the company of those angelic messengers.

Charles Booth

Holy Baptism
Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father

Louis James Baldry

Rest in peace and rise in glory
Pamela Manning:  Dennis Harvey:  Doris Hooker

Burial of Ashes
Gordon Edwards

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