Church porch

The Porch and Doorway.

The timbered porch, an unusual survival, which was restored in 1900 by Lieut. Colonel R Bramble whose family lived at Brambles Farm for many generations. Note the seats and the single block of hard ferruginous sandstone (known as "heath stone") over what is believed to be a Saxon doorway. Some authorities believe this stone may have been brought from Hengistbury Head. On the left door post if you look carefully, and at the level of the top hinge, you will find a "pilgrim's mark". This is a cross scratched by a would be pilgrim before commencing his or her journey and completed when he/she heard a Mass of Thanksgiving for a safe return. The door hinges are very fine 12th century workmanship. The door of elm is nail studded and is probably 18th century.

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