Baptisms and Weddings


We are always delighted to receive inquiries from parents who wish their children to be baptised, and also from adults who were not baptised as children. Baptism is the means by which we are joined to Christ, becoming a member of his Body by water and the Spirit. It marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith in which we are encouraged and nurtured by those responsible for us, especially - in the case of children - parents and godparents, but also by the fellowship of the local church community. For this reason Baptism is usually administered in the parishes where people live or to which they are locally connected. Occasionally, where there is good pastoral reason we will do baptisms from further afield but always encourage people to make contact with their local Church.

Similarly, if you are thinking of getting married do consider a Church wedding. It need not be very elaborate or expensive and marrying in the context of Christian faith and worship can be very joyful and rewarding. Anyone living within the parish is entitled to be married in the parish church and the law now permits non-residents who have a 'qualifying connection' with the Church or the Parish to be married at the priest's discretion. People who are divorced with a previous partner still living may also, depending on the circumstances, marry again in Church.

If you would like to know about either Baptisms or Weddings, please, as a preference, contact the Rector on 01202 873561. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form 'Contact Us'.

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