The Pear Tree Fellowship February 2020


The Pear Tree Fellowship

As we celebrate a New Year it seems a good opportunity to remind everyone of our Aims.  Pear Tree Fellowship is a caring group for both males and females alike to bless, through prayer and action, the activity of God in the local community, in the nation and wider world and to do so as an expression of the Church and Parish of West Parley.

For our January meeting Jeanne’s daughter, Gail Miller, took us to the Southern Hemisphere and some many and varied landscapes.

Starting in Brisbane, Queensland, with coastal views, North Stradbrook Island and Noosa holiday resort.  On to a Koala Bear Sanctuary, previously the home of Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter but now run by his wife and children. Then a flight to Sydney where we saw the “Bridge”, the Royal Opera House and the busy waterways of Sydney Harbour.

On to New Zealand, South Island—touring in a campervan—having landed in Christchurch driving north to Nelson featuring a modern Cathedral.

Then on to Abile Tasman National Park covering several miles down the west coast via Queenstown, Lake Hawea droppoing down to the impressive Milford Sound.  Returning to Christchurch a flight to Wellington, North Island .   A drive up country to Napier on to Rotarua, the hot springs and the Champagne Pool.

Via Auckland to the Bay of Islands , Kerri Kerri and seeing the historical town where the “Treaty Grounds of Waitangi” were signed in 1840 New Zealand ’s birthplace. A Maori and British joint agreement. 

Mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, waterfalls and nature at its best. Wine growing and fruit orchards. This land is self sufficient.

When you think that the UK and New Zealand cover a similar land area the UK population is 64 million, New Zealand is 5 million it makes you think !

Next Meeting on February 11th  -  A talk from the Head Gardener at Kingston Lacy  Stephen Candy -  “Snowdrops through to Hydrangea’s” 

Joan Waugh and Jeanne Miller





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