The Pear Tree Fellowship November 2019


The Pear Tree Fellowship

Trevor Fulton was our Speaker in October and he talked about Tracing your Family History by telling us about his efforts to do so.

He was of Irish descent and had discovered his great grandfather had been a settler in America. He then went on to discover relatives all over the World including Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. He had made this his project when he retired and it had continued, As this was in the days before the Internet it meant visiting Register Offices and looking up details of sailings etc.. Nowadays it is comparatively easy to do so.

Trevor was able to give us a few tips on how to go about this task from his experiences.

On Tuesday 12th November we will have a talk from one of our own members which she has called 'Innocence Abroad' from Gene Thorns.

All too soon it will be our Christmas Meeting and we shall be surrounded by greenery as we prepare to decorate the window-sills in our Church. We generally enjoy a Christmas Tea afterwards and visitors will be very welcome.

Joan Waugh




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